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Live from Alabama its...

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13th May 2010

12:09am: LJ I can tell you anything.
I hate whiney 25 year olds in dysfunctional relationships who blame me for their issues.

I hate how they look at their cell phones more than you while in conversation or hanging out...especially when we don't get to hang out but once every couple of months.

I wish other people would take this into consideration and figure out why they are so lame and why their relationshits are lame, pointless, meaningless, and a sad way to pass the time.

Stop taking offense to everything.

It's not all about you.

Put down the damn phone! Facebook, ________, and Perez Hilton WILL ALWAYS FUCKING BE THERE!!!!!! OKAY!?

God your thumbs must be strong.

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15th April 2010

6:16pm: A boy won't be the death of me...
I just don't understand boys. They are so simple, yet complicated.

Why do I have such a thing for slackers, screw-ups, the penniless, and college isn't for me musicians?

They're great in bed is really all I can come up with.

So this last asshole, spent the entire weekend basking in my presence, holding my hand, and getting to know me.

I thought.


This could work. He's hot, dresses hot, artsy, fun, and sweet.

but no.
out of sight out of mind must be his thought process.


Fuck you for interrupting my basic functioning while I ponder throughout the day what exactly is wrong with me and why boys never stick around.

Fuck you for making me want you. I know a boytoy when I see 'em and he gave no signs of just wanting to toy.

Stupid trick.

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11th March 2010

3:23am: Things are looking up!
Life is good.


friends, money, boys, ice skating, good grades, bangs, Hard Candy make-up at Wal-Mart, Birmingham

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30th January 2010

11:27am: My Nest!
I love my little Birmingham apartment all to myself. It's so perfect. I'm about 8 miles from downtown and 2.5 miles from great shopping at the Summit! School's good too, but I really cannot wait to transfer to UAB. I haven't really come across any super fun people at my school now...not even in my pottery class. I like Birmingham because it reminds me of where I used to live in Atlanta (I am only 2 1/2 hours away from). It's pretty classy and there are some good places to get a martini. I need a job so bad. I think I'm going to wait tables again. I liked it and I think I'm pretty darn good at it. This girl in my class was complaining about only making 70$ on a Tuesday! It would also be a good way to meet friends which I need!

PS: Come visit me!

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19th December 2009

9:45am: Best picture ever!

Teague sisters + Schwartzman brothers!!!!

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4th December 2009

9:05pm: January cannot come soon enough.
So I'm moving to Birmingham!!! My dad said I could go anywhere as long as I was in school and it was in-state tuition...so I chose B'ham. I sure cannot wait to move and really cannot wait to finish my P.R. degree and head to NY to start my real school at Fashion Institute! It's so exciting to know that within the next month I will not only be in a new place, I will have my own apartment by myself, new friends, new job, and new adventures. YAAAAAY!!! The hard part is going to be surviving my last few weeks here...

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8th September 2009

10:45am: Minus the chip...
 35 days of sobriety.


If I can do it you can do it... now to find some sober friends :/

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30th July 2009

4:53pm: the NEWs
I'm obviously growing up because I've caught myself doing responsible things like registering for school on time.

I'm excited about school now.  I'm ready...so ready.  I know school is the only thing getting in my way of leaving town.  I cannot wait to begin making more progress and rewarding myself with As and Bs and proud parents.  I can't wait to meet new kidz and go to "study" sessions.  I can't wait to draw thousands of doodles of the weirdest nerdo kid in class.  I will get out of academic probation.  I will pay off my debt.  I will hopefully get a new job that pays me enough to get out of debt as well as lead a semi rockstar lifestyle.  That's what I want.  

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20th June 2009

10:44am:  T.K.O. at the Alabama Music Box tongight!


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14th May 2009

1:45am: Ms. Makesmesick
 Just two more full days until I leave for Peru.  It is still so random to me that I will spend the next three weeks of my life in a third world country doing dental work.  I'm really emotionless about it until I get around Beth who is good at overwhelming to the point of tears with preparations.  I can honestly say, regardless of what I have previously told you, I am neither nervous or excited.  I really have no idea what to expect other than being able to see the Southern Cross (I love stars) and needing oxygen at the altitude of 11,000 ft.  I'll be in Cusco helping out some Incas with their teeth.  I'm going to Machu Picchu for a few days too.  

Things I'm Hoping For:
1. some cool fashions
2. new friends
3. regaining an appreciation for dentistry
4. soul searching
5. a break from all things familiar
6. making people feel better
7. to learn some spanish :/
8. gross food ( I want to come home thin as a rail)
9. nice people
10. safety
11. to not get too lonely.
12. no asthma attacks
13. Coca Tea!

PS: I hope I get a chance to see everyone before I go!  Saturday night I will be at the D2 Lounge because Adam Freeny is DJing.  Come dance and party and wish me bon voyage!

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23rd April 2009

11:06am: My friend's gotta boyfriend. Man, I hate that dick.
As amazing as it is to have a boyfriend, I have watched my good friend's boyfriend completely take over her life.  Yesterday, pretty much every time i would open my mouth he would call.  The fuck doesn't really even know me (even though we hooked up long before they were an item), but is sure I am a party girl that is "takin his woman around men and partyin".  I hate ignorant fucks.  I really don't get along with redneck men, regardless of how cute they are.  Unlike him she is smart, driven, in college, and distinguished.  He is a nasty "country boy" with nasty "country boy" habits that carries his gun everywhere just in case he sees an animal to kill and for a good time throws back a few beers.  I hope he accidentally shoots his dick off one day.  
I wish I could show her this, but I'm not going to.  Instead, from what I have observed, I checked off everything that applies to this fuck.

If I ever see him or his ridiculously small penis again I would like to say this:
You're a disgusting loser that needs to be alone.  If you ever talk about me again I will show your girlfriend the "signs of an emotionally abusive boyfriend or partner". OH yeah...and FUCK OFF!


Signs of An Emotionally Abusive Boyfriend or Partner


- Doesn’t want you to tell people about the problems between the two of you.  (check)

- Makes you feel guilty when you don’t want to have sex. (idk)

- Pressures you into having sex when you don’t want to. (idk)

- Physically forces you into submission when he wants sex after you have sad no. (idk)

- Doesn’t accept or respect your decisions. (idk)

- When chatting, sends you a lot of nudges when you aren’t answering fast enough. (idk)

- Implies that you lie or directly calls you a liar. (check)

- Doesn’t trust you. (check)

- Checks up on you. (check

- Comes to your home, school or workplace to look for you when you have asked him not to. (check)

- Keeps sending you text messages or calling if you don’t answer. (check)

- Hangs up the phone when he is talking to you. (check)

- Tells you to hang up the phone when you are talking to friends. (check)

- Gives you the silent treatment. (check)

- Expects you to follow him and ask him what's wrong when he walks off. (probably)

- Apologizes but then does the same thing. (check)

- Blames you for things. (check)

- Makes you feel guilty for not spending more time with him. (check)

- Tells you what you “should” do. (check)

- Tells you to do things rather than asking you to do them. (check)

- Tells you to do things rather than telling you how he feels. (check)

- Says he can’t live without you or he will kill himself if you leave him. (idk)

- Makes you feel responsible for his feelings (check)

- Makes you afraid of telling him the truth, so you find yourself not telling him things or lieing to him in order to avoid fights and conflicts. (check)

- Says things like "I can't believe you are doing this to me." and "You promised me." (check)


While all of these indicators are emotional, remember that emotional abuse is often the first one used.  This nearly always escalates and becomes a physical form of abuse.  It always involves control - one partner controlling the actions of the other.  If this kind of behavior is present, you have a potentially abusive situation that is likely to only get worse as the relationship progresses.

Grabbing your arm or blocking the door when you are trying to leave is one of the first signs the emotional abuse may later turn into physical violence.

While the emotional abuse could lead to physical violence, it doesn't always lead to this. The abusive person might learn he can sufficiently control you with psychological abuse, guilt trips, fear, professions of love, apologies, gifts and other manipulation.

See also




Lies abusers tell - http://www.hhhh.org/maia/lies.html

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11th April 2009

10:07am: Lady Haha
 This past Thursday I went to Atlanta for the night with Ashley because she was going to a Lady Gaga show.  I didn't have a ticket so I figured I would just get one from a scalper in line.  We get there and the few tickets I did find were going for 200 + dollars.  It was ridiculous and they started letting people in.  I went outside to call Kayleigh to come get me so we could just party until the concert was over.  I sat on the sidewalk next to the unloading station for staff only.  This guy walks up to me and says "What's wrong girl?"   I explained to him what happened and he tells me to follow him.  He takes me to the artist entrance and tells me to run and have a good night.  So I realize that I am back fucking stage, without a pass, without a clue what I'm doing or where I am going.  I ran arouind trying to find a fucking way inside to the floor.  I ran past Gaga's room and she was eating dinner and probably wondering wtf I was doing, but we exchanged waves and I continued looking for the right door in the maze they call backstage.  Finally after getting in the way of stage hand and confusing Lady Gaga I reached my destination.  Gaga put on a amazing show.  I saw Ben Folds earlier this week and needless to say he has nothing on Gaga.  She plays her piano just as well or better.  Gaga=Mozart + David Bowie + German stripper

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17th March 2009


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10th March 2009

1:45am: The moment I finally get some growth on my hair, it starts to break off.  Its so bizarre.  What's even stranger is that it becomes habit/game to break them.   AHHHHH

Things I'm really trying to make happen right now:
1. SXSW passes (in exchange for babysitting Erykah Badu's baby.)
2. Saving some money
3. Hair growth
4. Tolerance of my parents
5. Becoming a Mac pro (no pun intended)

In other news, we have already begun the planning for the Rockstars and Groupies party.  I believe it will be in early May, so everyone will have a fun party to jumpstart the summer with.  Once again, everyone is invited and I'll keep you posted.

The shit the stores have thrown out for Spring infuriates me.  What if I don't feel like dressing like a cheap impersonation of a hippie?  What if I want to wear black?  What if I want to look sleek and put together and not blousy, flowy, and brown?  What the hell is a girl to do?

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2nd February 2009

9:36am: Michael Phelps does it
I can't help but find this to be utterly hysterical.

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15th January 2009

6:49pm: oh yeeeeeeaaahhh schhoooool
I go to school everyday.
its boring until i see that my old icky roommate is in one of my classes.

i'm going to get into a study  group with her and make her fail.

stupid orange hair
stupid black glasses
stupid voice
stupid girl 

I wonder if she still has no license.

SCHOOL = French II, Comm Theory, and Film and TV Genres

It's thursday and I'm thirsty damn it!

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30th December 2008


I love disney world and partying.

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7th December 2008

11:51am: Underwear Party: This Year VS. Last Year
Last Year:
my house
This Year:
we decided to outsource!  It was at Brett and Woody's house

red hunch punch
green hunch punch, we learned our lesson after having to clean up numerous piles of red vomit

everyone got really drunk in their underpants
everyone got really drunk in their underpants

no decorations
so many decorations, money everywhere, giant, extravagant cardboard props

got too drunk too early
got too drunk too early

i went to the woods to die alongside with arrin
i went to woody's bed to die alongside with arrin, graham, and brandon.

no injuries...that I recall

girls followed me around :(
boys followed me around!!!! (hooray for ruffle panties)

good turnout
excellent turnout! it was like a packed club with a line.

major cleanup

most overused phrase: "someone is having sex in your yard"
mop: "I can't find my keys or my phone"

Thank you for coming everyone!

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6th December 2008



9 o'clock


TEXT/CALL for directions!


9 PM - UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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3rd December 2008

12:42pm: ash doesn't proofread

Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008
Saturday, DEC.
6, 2008


for directions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2:00am: warm slippers
Thermals are the shit.

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23rd November 2008

11:53am: EW LIST 08
1. Going to parties and seeing my sister there
2. Crying boys
3. Pinnacle Vodka
4. Living at home
5. Lying!
6. Accusations
7. Jealous bitches

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22nd November 2008

11:38am: I think we'd get along.

no shedding, soft skin, expensive, exotic, and said to be extremely loving.

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25th October 2008

12:14am: I almost held my breath underwater for a minute.


I thought about how repetitive my life is starting to get....NO MA'AM!
I don't think anyone could put in words how I feel better than mr. jeezy himself " I NEED A VACATION"

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