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Live from Alabama its...

What could you possibly want from me?

5 July
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Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.

Ashley and Hayley are love in a non-color bar sort of way.

Annie is crazy love.
adam and the ants, adventism, alfred hitchcock, all-american rejects, andy warhol, art, ashpee, atlanta, bam margera, beautiful people, better than ezra, big cities, big fish, billy talent, black, blink-182, blue eyes, bows, boys, boys in tight pants, bravo, bunnies, chanel, chris pontius, classy people, coldplay, contemporary art, cotton candy, couture, covers, creativeness, damian kulash, dancing, dandy warhols, dark hair, depeche mode, dexy's midnight riders, down with love, edward scissorhands, electric violin, evian, express, fine, french, french kitty, friends, geeks, george michael, green, gummy bears, happiness, hard candy, heart, height, hello kitty, high tops, hot hot heat, ice skating, iced lattes, ima robot, interpol, isaac mizrahi, jackass, jesus, jet, jimmy ray, karen o., le tigre, lit, manolo blahniks, marc jacobs, me, metric, metrosexuals, milan, mints, mod decor, mod style, mohawk hair, money, moulin rouge, music, my friends, my hair, new wave, okgo, painting, pandas, parcel, paris, paris hilton, party boy, pearls, perrier, pete yorn, petit fours, photos, pink, postal service, pretty teeth, puppies, queen, rancid, reality shows, robert carmine, rooney, ruby gloom, rufus wainright, sanrio, sewing, sex and the city, shoes, sketching, slp boys, social gatherings, soft cell, stickers, style, sugar, sugar gliders, sugarcult, swimming, tare panda, the cure, the darkness, the o.c., the shins, the strokes, tim burton, tom delonge, tom welling, traveling, trent ford, tyson ritter, urban decay, urban outfitters, vans shoes, vertigo, vh1, violin, wakeboarding, warped tour, when in rome, white stripes, wildboyz, will and grace, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga, you